Not an enigma, just a contradiction. (thunder_and_sun) wrote in the_hour,
Not an enigma, just a contradiction.

Justin Trudeau

Ok, so I'm pretty sure this is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone had a video of Jstin Trudeau's interview about Katimavik. I am currently in the program and myslef and my group mates would love to see it.

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I thought I read this wrong when I saw you posted in this community. I still have it on tape, when you come home you can see it, but that doesn;t help all that much while you are away. Hopefully it will be on the site soon.
Hopefully, but that site seems to update it's viseos slowly unfortunatly.
Good news. it's up.Don't look at the archives that hasn't been updated. It's the last clip on the main page, next to the national Playlist. Woot!
Woo-Hoo, awesome. Thanks for letting me know.