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Syndicated Feed

Well aren't we a lively bunch.
Just to let you all know that the top 10 video list is a syndicated feed. You can get it here and have The Hour on your friends page! Woot! You can get it here thehour_rss.

Also any thoughts on the Al Gore interview. I know so many people who don't really care about global warming. They hear it, understand it, but refuse to change their habits. So you think a documentary and a book will do much to wake people up? Discuss.
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Joined. People won't give a damn about anything but money lining their wallets until they die from being personally burned up to a crisp. Then it's too late
I think that's true of a lot of people. I also think Al Gore was partially right when he said that people who really know and understand the issue, do care. I don't think that everybody who understand the issue jumps on the band wagon, though. I think it's such a big topic, and most of the change needs to come from government, and people just don't think the government will step up, so they don't bother trying. Yes Katrina, tsunamis and other natural disasters have been a wake up call. But I think it said something to everyday people, and the people who are in charge are in denial.
lol, I set that up :X
Cool! Thank you!