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the_hour's Journal

The Hour
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This community is for the open discussion of news stories and current events as seen on the CBC Newsworld program – "The Hour", hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos.


1. No flaming/fighting. If you are posting your opinion on a news story, please make that perfectly clear. Please also give respect to those who will agree and disagree with what you write. Those who flame, will be asked to leave.

2. Feel free to talk about any strange, bizzare, or WTF! events that are happening in the news. Is there some topic you thought should have been covered in the show? And ask yourself: WWGT (what would George think)?

3. Please keep the fangirling to a minimum. Yes, we all love George and think he’s fabulous, but we have more important things to discuss than his clothing and such. Any discussion of his personal life WILL NOT be tolerated.

4. Please put lengthy posts under an LJ-cut.

5.Enjoy yourselves!