kry_86 (kry_86) wrote in the_hour,

On set at the Hour

Last week I made my way to The Hour for a class assignment. It was very cool. The set is much smaller than I thought it would be, but very pretty. George talked to the audience during the breaks. A lot of the show was played back to us, which sucked. All the interviews that day were shot earlier and one was live via satallite. That kind of sucked. But still a very cool experience. I am a TV student, and a few of us got to explore the control room with the floor director.Which was really cool... and I am so not ready for the real world! It is terrifying thinking that one day I'll be in control of so much information. They seem like a really well oiled machine there and all seem to love it. I tried to avoid a lot of technical details that would bore all of you non-TV students out there in this very brief  synopsis of my adventure.
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